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Majestic Creative Works

Majestic Creative Works  (MJCW) 於影片製作的期許,願用更宏觀的視角,透析每項專案,採用異於常人的觀點切入,為每件作品注入靈魂,構成最真摯動人的影像作品。

Majestic Creative Works (MJCW)
a can-do boutique visual production agency based in Taiwan, was founded by two Golden Bell Award winners (Taiwan’s own Emmy Awards) and possesses a diverse portfolio in video production and commercial advertising. Our agency’s wide array of work has been seen throughout Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, Europe, and North America, with clients ranging from real estate and hospitality industries to corporate tech and government contracts.

榮獲第47屆電視金鐘獎 最佳剪輯獎

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